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Are you losing business opportunities because you don’t know how to approach the French-speaking Québec market?

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If you are doing business – or thinking of doing business – in Québec, you need expert government relations and first-line business development services. We are the firm that can deliver for you. 

Boudeweel Public Affairs is a Québec-based firm with strong ties to English Canada. Our team expertly pairs our knowledge of the inner workings of Québec’s government with our experience at the federal level and our networks across the country.

What makes us unique? We understand the needs of our English Canadian clients and business people and we are able to promote and protect your interests in Québec on multiple levels.


David Boudeweel


David is a government and public affairs specialist. He founded Boudeweel Public Affairs in Fall 2020. David has 20 years of experience in politics, government, lobbying, coalition building, business development and communications.


His knowledge of Québec's society and understanding of power relationships is second-to-none. It is well rounded with a deep understanding of the federal and municipal levels of decision. He also offers a solid coast-to-coast contact network, ready to be put at the service of partners and clients.

Prior to setting up the firm, he was vice-president, Federal and Québec government affairs at Restaurants Canada and has held executive positions in energy, at a non-for-profit organization and worked in politics at many levels. 

Québec has no secret for David. He knows how to get things moving.


Martine Perreault

Senior Associate

Martine  is a strategic advisor in public and government affairs. Recognized as a determined, rigorous, human, and dynamic professional, she has nearly ten years of experience in the public and private sectors.


Martine has an excellent knowledge of the workings of Quebec's political and administrative systems. Her recent experience in various political cabinets, such as agriculture and health, has allowed her to develop a thorough understanding of the main issues facing organizations working in Quebec. She knows how to appeal to the right people and formulate solid arguments, enabling clients and partners to achieve their objectives.


Before working in active politics and being at the heart of various governmental reforms, she worked as a consultant for managers and executives in the areas of human resources, executive recruitment, and training. She has also held a professional position in the Quebec public service.


Francis Bouchard

Associate Political Advisor

Francis has more than six years of political experience, including nearly three in a ministerial office in the Government of Quebec, first as press secretary and then as a political advisor.


As such, he has a keen sense of analysis of government policies, a good knowledge of the parliamentary process, and of various public communication strategies. He is also recognized as a rigorous and reliable worker, as well as for his writing skills. 


In addition to his professional experience, Francis holds a Master's degree in Administration from the School of Management, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Political Communication from the Université du Québec à Montréal.



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