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Many companies work on projects and initiatives from coast to coast. Their weakness? Limited capability to operate in French, and no fundamental understanding of Québec's political culture. If you want to do business in Québec, you need strong French communications and a deeper understanding of how things can be done in La Belle Province. Québec is different. Let us be the team to help you explore this new and exciting market. We are the firm of choice to guide you through the process. Government relations, business development and coalition building in Québec is what we do. We are here to help you do it.

Strategic planning

We are here to identify your allies and potential rivals. We can also help guide your organization as it perfects its market research and looks for partners here. Our goal is to turn the French language and the specificity of Québec’s political culture from obstacles to your business development into assets for you in face of your competitors.


We will help you in your efforts to obtain public financing and to sort out government programs that can support your business and projects.

Stakeholder relations

We can take charge of your relations with business associations, be they generalist or sectorial, and support your networks in Québec. To support your initiatives, we can also leverage our contacts and networks across Canada when it matters.

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