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Are you tired of being unable to deliver key services to your clients or members in Québec? Are you walking away from deals because you can't wrap your head around provincial requirements, regulations and a unique business culture? We are here to bridge that gap for you.

Québec is a unique and sometimes complicated province in which to do business. Our reliable team has been working for many years with Québec political and administrative structures. Our know-how and vast swath of experience are at your service to realize your initiatives and ambitions. We will decode Québec for you and lead your business to success.

Our experience in government relations means that, in addition to our province-specific expertise, we can also support your efforts in Québec at the federal and municipal levels. Your projects will often require working across multiple jurisdictions, and you won't regret trusting our state-of-the-art expertise as you find yourself navigating these relationships with ease.

Strategic counsel

Understanding the government ecosystem is key to your success, which is why we are at your disposal to strategically advise you so you can make better decisions. We help plan your involvement with government and shepherd your business through administrative, political, parliamentary and financial processes.

Policy analysis

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Our policy analysis department is here to help you anticipate government-proposed changes and their potential effects on your business, at both the provincial and municipal levels. We can help position your organization and goals within a constantly-evolving regulatory environment and will work with you to fine-tune your messaging to increase your potential impact on public decisions. 


Our team has built networks of influence in political, administrative and media circles. We have the expertise and connections you need to move the needle in Québec.

Crisis management

We are here to anticipate crises that might affect you, make sense of them, and build and execute an action plan to manage them.

The first time the government announces something that catches you off guard, you will learn the key role that solid government relations play when crisis strikes. We are ready to help your damage control effort and make sure you can seize any new opportunities. 

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