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Your time is precious, and you do not have resources to waste on a deep dive into Québec parliamentary affairs. When time is of the essence, moving your concerns inside the state apparatus is priority number one.

Understanding how Québec parliamentary affairs work is no secret for us. We are here to help set up and execute the best strategy for your business.

Parliamentary process

You’ve been called to committee? Let us help you write your brief and prepare you and your team so you make the most of your appearance. We produce effective messages that will benefit your objectives.

Coalition building

Our extended contact network can be useful to you as you build relations with Québec business associations and other partners that share your interests. We are here to amplify your message to government officials and to map out key business partners you could work with.

Public consultations

You need to participate in a public consultation in Québec? Your message will need to be adapted and adjusted and we are here to help you frame it in language well understood by authorities and deciders.

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