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  • David Boudeweel-Lefebvre

Québec Throne speech by Premier Legault

Today, Quebec’s Premier François Legault delivered an inaugural speech, reopening the 2nd session of the 42nd Parliament.

With this speech, the government intends to give a second wind to its action given the last year of its mandate before the next election scheduled for October 3, 2022.

Note that the speech does not have the force of law and that each element will require legislative or regulatory action to be implemented.

Highlights of the speech are as follows:


  • Promotion of local purchasing made in Québec;

  • Launch of a major campaign to promote products made in Québec, to reduce imports of products that Québec can manufacture itself;

  • Emphasis on the supply of qualified workers in the construction, information technology, and engineering sectors;

  • Add 100,000 skilled workers;

  • Transfer thousands of jobs from the public service to the regions.


  • Health emergency will be lifted after the vaccination of children aged 5-11 years, which should be completed by early 2022;

  • Announcement of a vast decentralization of the health network to the regions and sub-regions of Québec;

  • Equipping the public health network with its own bank of worker candidates to reduce dependence on private agencies.


  • Creation of a Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital Technology. By 2022 all regions of Quebec will have access to high-speed internet (this is an extension of a 2018 election promise).


  • Launch of a vast offensive to create 37,000 daycare spaces;

  • Adjustments to tax credits for parents using unsubsidized child care.


  • The government will study the possibility of increasing salaries and improving working conditions for jobs held mostly by women, including teachers;

  • In vocational training, the introduction of a permanent tutoring and mentoring program and internships;

  • Objective to increase the graduation rate from 82% to 90%;

  • Addition of 5 hours/week to school attendance for homework help, sports, and cultural activities.


  • The government renounces the extraction of hydrocarbons on the territory of Québec;

  • Creation of a “world pole” for electric transportation, the battery industry, and for production of green hydrogen.


  • Encourage entrepreneurs to create partnerships to allow young people to get better jobs.


  • Replacing the Ethics and Religious Culture course with a Quebec Culture and Citizenship course;

  • Include French as an official language of the province in the Canadian constitution;


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