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  • David Boudeweel-Lefebvre

Québec reopening plan

Premier François Legault, accompanied by Health Minister Christian Dubé and Public Health Director Horacio Arruda, held a press conference this week on Tuesday to present a comprehensive economic reopening COVID-19 plan. The Premier stated that this plan is prudent and will allow for a gradual opening of all regions of Québec. When the premier mentioned that the vast majority of regions will change zones, the government hopes that all regions will be able to do so, but it will keep a margin of maneuver depending on the situation.

He also mentioned that the vaccination objective of 75% of Québec adults vaccinated with a first dose will be reached on June 15. The Minister of Health stated that if all goes well, the appointments for the second doses would be moved up this summer.

Here are the details of the deconfinement plan:

  • On May 28, easing of five restrictions in all regions of Québec:

    • Curfew lifted;

    • Restaurant patios will be open;

    • Travel between regions will be allowed;

    • Performance halls and stadiums: limit of 250 people per section, a total of 2500 people;

    • Gathering in backyards allowed for 8 people.

  • By May 31, the vast majority of regions will move to the orange zone:

    • Restaurants will reopen;

    • All high school students return to school full time.

  • On June 11, outdoor bars will reopen.

  • By June 14, the vast majority of regions will move to the yellow zone:

    • Bars will reopen;

    • People from two residences will be able to see each other in the house;

    • All outdoor team sports will be able to resume.

  • On June 25, everywhere in Québec, people who have been vaccinated with the two doses will be able to visit each other without masks and without social distancing.

    • Festivals will be able to welcome a total of 2500 people;

    • Day camps will reopen.

  • By June 28, the vast majority of regions will move to the green zone:

    • Ten people from three residences will be able to see each other in houses;

    • All team sports can resume.

  • By the end of August, the government expects that 75% of Quebecers aged 12 and over will be vaccinated with two doses.

    • No need to wear a mask in public places.

    • CÉGEPS and universities will be able to return to the classroom for the start of the 2021 school year.

The new measures are subject to change.


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