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  • David Boudeweel-Lefebvre

June 2023: Québec news in brief

It's official: summer is here! With politicians and journalists taking well-deserved vacations, news in Québec is likely to slow down over the next few weeks. The Québec Now team will remain vigilant throughout the summer season to continue bringing you the news that's making the Belle Province tick. Happy reading, and have a great summer!

Forest fires out of control

In early June, more than 150 forest fires were raging across the province. This unprecedented situation was fuelled by dry conditions, high temperatures, and low rainfall across the whole of Québec. Thousands of Quebecers were forced to evacuate, and were forbidden to visit or camp in public forests. The Canadian Armed Forces and firefighters from other countries were also called in to help control the blazes.

Québec politician rankings: Legault's popularity tumbles

The Journal de Montréal's latest barometer of political figures reveals a significant drop in public sympathy for several CAQ frontrunners. While François Legault remains the Québec politician with the highest satisfaction rate (55%), this still represents a 7% drop in six months. Several other CAQ ministers saw their approval ratings drop, including Geneviève Guilbault (-7%), Pierre Fitzgibbon (-9%) and Bernard Drainville (-7%). Opposition leaders such as PQ leaders Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon (50%) and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (50%) scored respectably.

Private healthcare: towards mini-hospitals or super-clinics?

During the last election campaign, in an attempt to curb the rise of Éric Duhaime on its right, the CAQ pledged to deploy two private mini-hospitals to relieve the public healthcare network. Back in power, the government hastened to issue a call for interested providers. Curiously, this call for interest does not seem to suggest mini-hospitals, but rather super-clinics, as an operating theatre no longer seems to be a given in these future establishments. While the CAQ denies backing down and says it wants to keep its options open, the fact remains that several companies that might have been interested could pass.

Housing: the CAQ's new Achilles heel?

As July 1st approaches, it's not uncommon for a government to introduce measures relating to housing. Housing Minister France-Élaine Duranceau thought she was doing the right thing when she introduced Bill 31, which earned her a storm of criticism for being particularly unfavorable to tenants. The controversy surrounding the minister then escalated, with remarks deemed contemptuous of tenants, and a meeting with a friend/business partner/lobbyist with whom Duranceau previously flipped a property.

Happy Canada Day!

The entire Québec Now team would like to wish you happy Canada Day celebrations. It's a unique opportunity to celebrate what makes us proud, from coast to coast. As the majority of Quebecers are more attached to Québec's Fête nationale, which takes place on June 24th, many of them will take advantage of this holiday to pack their boxes, or to help a loved one do so. Yes, in Québec, July 1st is also the traditional expiry date for leases, and thus, by the way, a Québec National Moving Day!


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